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More About Me (And My Plastic Free Baseline) - January 4, 2020

More About Me (And My Plastic Free Baseline) - January 4, 2020

I am 43 years old, married to my University of Michigan college sweetheart for 16 years (yes, we dated for 8 years first....she likes to remind of that). I have three children, ages 12, 10 and 5.

I did the Peace Corps in Gabon, Africa (ok, so I am already a bit different than the average dude), have a Masters in Public Health (environmental health was my favorite core class) and have worked at an international non-profit for 15 years (yes, more tree huggers at non profits). I live in a socially minded suburb only 1 hour from New York City. So that’s me.

And for behaviors that have predisposed me to a plastic free life:

⁃ In high school, I started a Styrofoam recycling program. (Remember in the early 90’s when lunch trays were made from Styrofoam??)

⁃ In college, I had a stint when I used the infamous crystal “deodorant” . (And now I use Toms deodorant)

⁃ I bought a 2008 Prius about the time my first son was born. I still drive it. I want it to be my sons first car.

⁃ I have been carrying reusable shopping bags in my trunk as long as I can remember.

⁃ I have been composting for 10 years (and have a vegetable garden where I use my compost)

⁃ I get pleasure out of recycling (but still doubt if this is a viable solution)

⁃ I leased solar panels in my previous home.

⁃ I was given a bamboo toothbrush last year (and use it!)

⁃ If we are having a big party, I make sure to buy the compostable paper plates and I through them into my compost.

⁃ I bought bamboo straws (while in Myanmar!) for the house.

⁃ I started beekeeping last year (not sure how that fits in?)

[enter whatever names you have conjured up for me here].

So I am not starting from scratch. I would consider myself more environmentally minded than the average American. But by no means am I super crunchy. The amount of single use plastics I use is probably disgraceful. But I am ready for change.