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The Gender of Plastics - January 3, 2020

The Gender of Plastics - January 3, 2020

Am I the only male who cares about not using plastic? I refuse to believe that! But in my quick market research (it was quick...I’m more of a learn by doing kind of guy that one that spends hours researching something), it became quickly apparent that anyone blogging about a plastic free life is a woman. Hhhmmm...I refuse to believe that Dads don’t care about the world. I refuse to believe that men don’t want to teach their kids to waste-not, want-not. I refuse to believe that I am the only Dad who feels just a bit guilty (every day) when using single use plastics. 

But I am OK entering a female dominated blogging space and offering my perspective and quest to catalyze change within my family. In this era of gender equality (of which I am a big supporter), enter a Dad who wants to be the change and not accept that family change only starts with Mom.