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What Scares Me? - January 1, 2020

What Scares Me? - January 1, 2020

Am I supposed to say climate change? Don’t get me wrong, I am freaked out by it and how we let this happen. Totally sad about what lies ahead for my kids if we don’t make radical changes today (although many say it is too late). But like most people, I’m inherently selfish and try to live in the now. So, what I am most afraid of is being judged and constantly under scrutiny by my friends. (What am I? An 18 year old??) Or my friends worrying that I am constantly scrutinizing their lives, behaviors and choices. I can imagine friends resenting me when they roll their eyes and say: “Great, Brad is coming over, there goes the plastic plates!” (I won’t judge you, I promise, but I might ask to use a normal plate...is that weird?) Remember my goals: I’m in this for me and to push the boundaries with my family. If I have unintended consequences and my friends start to say with a genuine smile and no contempt: “Great, Brad is coming over, let’s use regular plates!”, I won’t complain. To each their own. Life is complicated. We are all busy. And we have to make our own choices free from judgment of others.