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Beard Balm - Simple Alchemy


Conditioning and styling for fuzzy-faced folks with impeccable taste. You'll feel like you're being gently hugged by a tree. Made entirely with plant-based ingredients, our Beard + Mustache Balm is perfect for conditioning, and provides just the right amount of hold for all your creative facial hair needs.


• 2 oz recyclable tin

• Compostable labels

• Certified vegan


INGREDIENTS: Castor Oil; Candelilla Wax; Mango Butter; Olive Oil; Kokum Butter; Poppy Oil; Oils of Sunflower, Red Raspberry, and Cranberry; Frankincense, Ginger, Coriander, and Fir Needle Essential Oils.


CARE+USE: Remove lid. Rub the surface of the balm to warm it up, and release the forest-y scent. If a softer consistency is required, place balm in a warm place, or use a low-power heat gun across the top. Rub into facial hair and underlying skin to moisturize and style as desired.

Made in United States of America