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Beard Bliss Serum


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Creator: Shasha Cadet,  Aromatherapist 

Company: Pure by Shasha 

Location: Trumbull, CT

Product Description: 

These awesome Body Butters can literally be used from head to toe and everywhere in between. They contain Pure, Fair Trade, Organic, Plant extracts including Raw unrefined Shea Butter, Coconut Oils, Lots of love and a crystal for positive vibrations. 

About the Creator


I have always had a love & reverence for nature and healing through plants. So when my son developed skin issues, I turned to the farm rather than the pharmacy. PURE by Shasha was born from the love between a mother and child right in our family kitchen.

Our son, Major has very sensitive skin that reacts with rashes and eczema patches at the slightest offense. Finding skin care products for him was truly a labor of love. When I had difficulty finding exactly what I needed for him-I created it myself. His skin is now healthy and responds do well to the combination of all natural ingredients in our products. 

Sensitive enough for little ones, our products are created with organic, cruelty-free ingredients, and never tested on animals. (In fact, our body butters work great on your fur baby’s skin issues too!) 

Your entire family’s skin-from head to toes, will fall in love with PURE by Shasha’s line of all-natural, handmade products. Get ready to find your bliss and enjoy the softest, most radiant skin of your life!