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Beeswax Love Pillars

$10.00 $20.00

Love is the universal language! The perfect gift for a friend or sweetheart. A rich, luxurious delight hand poured candle using 100% pure beeswax, eco-friendly dyes, and a cotton wick. Item #190 (897580001011) - 3"x425" Pillar (Weight: 1.05lb) Item #191 (897580001028) - 2"x6.25" Pillar (Weight: .59lb) Item #192 (897580001035) - 2"x3.25" Pillar (Weight: .32lb) Please note: Always remove label before burning. Size Burn Time 3″x4″ 80 hrs 2″x6″ 60 hrs 2″x3″ 30 hrs