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$88.88 $158.00

This 100% cotton jacquard woven throw blanket is soft to the touch, perfect for wrapping yourself up on the couch, in your bed, or even at the beach for a picnic! - Can even work great as a wall tapestry that will brighten the mood in any room! Made with a jacquard weaving loom that utilizes an intricate weaving process of only 6 natural yarn colors, to create a tightly woven, durable, and long-lasting woven tapestry that will stand the test of time even with pets & kids. Machine washable on cold water - Air dry is recommended or tumble dry on low heat. Approx. 50” x 60” All artwork & design is originally hand painted, in San Diego, CA by founder/creative artist Parker Heath, and woven in collaboration with a wonderful USA manufacturer. Due to the unique and individual construction of each piece, colors & textures of the finished product may vary slightly from the image online. All work copyrighted by PAR KER made, LLC Reproduction is prohibited