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Blue Zig Zag Flower Macramé Wall-hanging By Knots on Euclid
Blue Zig Zag Flower Macramé Wall-hanging By Knots on Euclid
Knots on Euclid

Blue Zig Zag Flower Macramé Wall-hanging By Knots on Euclid

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Creator:  Erika Burling, Fiber Artist  

Company: Knots on Euclid 

Location: Fairfield, Connecticut 

Product Description:
The Bermuda: This one-of-a-kind wall hanging was inspired by a magical memory of a family vacation to Bermuda in 2018. We visited Horseshoe Bay which is located on the main island's south (Atlantic Ocean) coast, in the parish of Southampton. The colors in this macro-weave replicate the turquoise water, the pale pink sand, and the lush textures of this special place. It’s sure to bring joy to any room. Note, when I refer to macro-weave it's the process by which merino wool is integrated into the wall hanging. this is the puffier, three-dimensional effect.  
  • Size: 18 inches wide x 28 inches high
  • Materials: Soft cotton string, cotton 3ply rope, merino wool roving, solid wood dowel

About the Creator:

    Erika lives in Fairfield, CT, on Euclid Ave with her husband, son, and puppy Kira. Knots on Euclid was established in her home studio where there is lots of sunlight and windows. While doing macramé, she loves to listen to podcasts and audible books. She has been doing creative crafts her whole life, but nothing has been as enjoyable as macramé. Tying knots with soft fibers are extremely satisfying and  meditative in its repetition. The possibilities are endless what you can create with rope, and each day Erika  discovers something new, which satisfies her desire for a lifetime of learning. 

    While the quality of her work is extremely important, she is proud to say she only use eco-friendly materials, which means no chemicals were used in the process and the majority of fibers are from 100% cotton recycled materials.

    When she is not doing macramé, she enjoys time with her family and friends, reading, traveling, making sourdough bread, taking her puppy on walks, biking and yoga.

    Erika loves custom orders.  Shoot a message to TheEcoDude76@gmail.com and Eco Evolution will make the connection with the artist.