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Aromatherapy Bracelet – Lavastone & Gemstone


Creator: Sandi Astacio, Certified Aromatherapist  
Company: sanastaWellness
Location: Norwalk, CT
Product Description:

Your own personal diffuser that’s also a beautiful piece of jewelry!

Each bracelet is designed and created with mindful intention. Quality gemstones of Jasper (Picture, Picasso), Howlite, Amazonite, Rainbow Fluorite, Aventurine, Jade, Tiger Eye, and many others are surrounded by naturally grounding black Lava Stone beads. We also design Chakra cleansing and aligning aromatherapy bracelets.

Lava stone beads are believed to have healing properties as they are formed from volcano erupted magma. They are the stones of strength, courage, and balance — dispelling anger, fear, and negativity!  
Lava stones naturally absorb essential oils making them the perfect personal diffuser and companion for your favorite sanastaWellness blend, such as OH HAPPY DAY!!!, PEACE BY PIECE…, and A QUIET MIND.

Our Aromatherapy Bracelets are one-of-a-kind designs. The gemstones in each bracelet are selected with purpose and intention to offer wellness qualities to the recipient. The beads are combined, by hand, on specific nights to incorporate the energetics of the moon, our stars, and our solar system.  

We also offer custom sizes and will work with you for specific gemstone requests.

About the creators: 
sanastaWellness provides therapeutic aromatics for mind, body, and soul. With a special focus on the chemical components of plants, sananstaWellness aims to provide care using the medicinal properties of the natural world. Organic herbs and essential oils are blended with mindful intention by a certified aromatherapist to address emotional, physical, and energetic needs. We also offer consultations and work closely with clients to establish custom, therapeutic blends that can address various wellness necessities. Our aromatherapy blends can be used topically or by aerial diffusion.