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Cat Art by Nicky Serrano


Creator: Nicky Serrano

Location: Norwalk, CT

About the creator:

Nicky Serrano is an unashamed cat and chicken lady who thoroughly enjoys herself making colorful and playful mixed media paintings that often depict life with cats and chickens as she sees it.

A native of the UK, she longed for a cat of her own as a child, but she didn’t get one until she moved to Spain in the early 90s, and it was there that she began her painting career.

Her distinctive art is strongly influenced by her British roots and a love of picture books from her childhood, together with inspiration from Mexican and other folk art from her travels.

While studying multimedia and graphic design in Barcelona, she held several cat themed art exhibitions in the city.

Since she moved to the US she has held exhibitions in Stamford CT and Sharon Springs NY, and has expanded her art to printed products, ranging from notebooks to tea towels to tissue paper and more.

Currently residing in Norwalk, her cat, chihuahuas and chickens are a constant source of amusement and artistic inspiration.