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Chakra Necklace


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Creator: Cynthia Davis, Decorative Artist, Yogi

Company: Cynthia Designs: Jewelry with energy and personality 

Location: Fairfield, CT

About the Creator:
I have been a decorative painter for 30 years painting patterns on giant wall surfaces. I was so excited when I discovered the art of jewelry making after taking one class 7 years ago. I have transformed my love for pattern, color, and design into the tiny space of jewelry-making. I create and fire my own charms with precious metal clay, working with antiques, sheet metal and semi-precious stones in my home studio in Fairfield, CT. My 30 years as a yoga practitioner and now yoga instructor is reflected in my work as each piece is created with healing intention. It brings me pure joy to share my creativity and energy through my jewelry creations. Every piece is one-of-a-kind made with healing energy described on the tag.  

Instagram: @cynthiadesignsart and @Wallovers_stencils