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Cool Aid SLIPPY | Pint Glass, Coffee Cup Sleeve & Can Koozie

$8.00 $12.00

Hello! I’m a knit Koozie AKA SLIPPY! I slip on to every cup and protect your hands from HOT or COLD drinks, condensation, and help to insulate. My yarn is made from plastic that got collected off the coast of Mexico, but don't worry i'm super soft to the touch and Made in the Freakin’ USA! Beverages I Fit - Hot or Cold Coffee or Tea, Pint Glass, water bottle, Yeti, tumbler, Wine Glass, Can, Beer Bottle...basically every beverage because I've got spandex knit through out my body, so i'm super stretchy! Marketing - A little effort goes a long way. Display Slippies on multiple beverages and the staffs wrist.