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SONO over the shoulder Bag



                 Susan Silver was born and raised in Fairfield Connecticut. In high school, she began crocheting and knitting as a hobby. In college, her creative skills came together as an artist. Returning home, Susan built a successful career as a Potter with her own studio, selling at craft shows and at her family store, Silvers of Westport. Eventually Susan joined the family business and became a buyer contributing her unique artistic eye to broaden the merchandise offered in the store.

When Silver of Westport closed, Susan's creativity emerged in a new venture returning to her crocheting skills, the result is: Plarns Bags By Susan. “Plarning” is an innovative ecofriendly method that recycles everyday plastic bags. For example she has used bags from Stew Leonard’s, ShopRite and newspaper sleeves to name a few. She cuts them into strips to create “Plarn”( yarn). 

Plarn Bags by Susan transforms plarn into appealing and practical bags of all sizes- from mini wallets to large tote bags perfect for the beach. The bags are now available at local shows and can be seen here. The Plarn bags are not just a creative effort but also showcase recycling with style