Face Scrubbie -Luxury-- Handmade in CT
Face Scrubbie -Luxury-- Handmade in CT
Face Scrubbie -Luxury-- Handmade in CT

Face Scrubbie -Luxury-- Handmade in CT

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Creator:  Gilda Caserta, Fiber artist

Company: Lana e Cotone 

Location: Bridgeport, Connecticut 

 Product Description:
•  Round facial scrubbie. Size: Approx. 3.5 inches round.
• 50% cotton, 50% bamboo, machine washable.
• Made in the USA. 
• All natural, handmade. Extra soft for sensitive skin. Remove makeup, extra-gentle exfoliator..

About the Creator:
Gilda Caserta has had her hands in yarn since she was 10 years old when her mother taught her to knit and crochet, just to keep her occupied and out of trouble. Working with fiber offered her lots of challenges over the years, making everything from clothing and kitchen accessories to toys and jewelry and experimenting with all sorts of media.
When not working as a project manager with a local digital design agency, Gilda spends time with her clowder of rescue cats (who know better than to mess with her basket of yarn) and with equally creative friends to bounce off ideas in hopes of discovering the next big innovation.

In store product card:

Gilda Caserta Lana e Cotone, Bridgeport, CT
Personal care, apparel, and home products made from cotton, wool, and other natural fibers.