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Hand-scrolled steel sculpture shaped from reclaimed structural steel (small wine holders)


Creator: Dave Kirschen, Steel Bender, Strongman. 
Location: Southbury CT 
Product Description
One of a kind hand-scrolled steel wine presentation rack, shaped from a single reclaimed structural steel bar, without the use of heat or tools of any kind. 
About the Creator
Hi! My name is Dave and I’m a retired professional powerlifter and unlikely artist living in Southbury CT.  
After retiring from powerlifting, and unable to simply “exercise like a normal person” as my wife calls it, I became interested in steel bending, an old-time strongman discipline dating back over a century. Typical feats include bending horseshoes, spikes, tools, and steel bars. But the feat that ultimately captured my imagination was steel scrolling.  
A mostly forgotten art form, steel scrolling is the bending of steel into decorative, and even functional artifacts. Unlike other forms of metal sculpture, scrolling is performed by hand, without the use of heat or tools. It’s a brutally difficult, dangerous and often painful process that only a handful of people in the world can do, but the result is a totally unique and inimitable piece of art.  
Scrolling also happens to be an eco-friendly art form. Steel is the most recycled material on earth, and most of my stock comes right from the scrapyard. I prefer to leave my scrolls unfinished, as I like the look of steel’s natural patina, but if you prefer to paint or finish them yourself, I encourage you to go ahead and make them your own. They’re made of structural steel, so you really can’t ruin them.
To see more of my work or contact me, go to #twistedsteelwithsexappeal on Instagram.