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Elderberry Syrup- Organic and Locally Grown


We have run out of stock for this item.

Creator: Tynne Love, Clinical Herbalist 

Company: Herbal Deva

Product Description: 

Elderberry Syrup is a traditional remedy during flu and cold season, allergy season and a change in season and this is unlike any other!
Made with all Organic Herbs, we work with local farms to grow elderberries and currants and then we source the best hibiscus and rosehips available, and the best honey in CT ( my opinion! ) The process is proprietary, unlike any other handmade Syrup or store bought. There is magic involved in the making !
We produce this from the end of August until March or until we run out! It's made in a Commercial Kitchen in Westport,CT that is a gluten free kitchen!
The bottle itself is very special, and should be cleaned and saved, it makes a great vase!
We use fresh and fresh frozen elderberries in every batch, we never use green berries or stems. I take the time to make sure you get the most berries in every bottle! This is highly concentrated and not diluted.

About the Creator: 

My name is Tynne Love and I'm the owner and creator of Herbal Deva. I'm a second generation clinical herbalist, and began making Elderberry Syrup along side my mom for our friends and family in 2000. My love for herbs and natural healing came from my own journey back to health, and seeing just how powerful the alternative medicine world is.