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Eye Pillow, Yoga Pillow, Meditation Pillow, Hot Compress


Eye Pillow, Yoga Pillow, Meditation Pillow, Hot Compress, Cold Compress ~All of our accessories are hand cut from fabric, hand sewn and hand assembled~ Approximate Measurement: Length 9" x Width 4" Colour: Fabric Patterns Will Vary Fabric: Cotton (Front & Back) Filling: Flax Seed, Lavender Bud and Pink Rose Buds Useful for reclined meditation, yoga, migraines, headaches, my handmade eye pillow provides gentle pressure on your eyes, giving you a relaxing experience. You may use this eye pillow as is, hot or cold. Instructions for cold use: Place your eye pillow in a freezer bag to avoid any unwanted moisture and smells and place in freezer. Instructions for hot use: Place eye pillow in microwave and heat for 10-15 seconds at a time. As everyone's microwave is different, add more time in small increments until desired temperature is reached. Please use caution as this may be hot. Instructions for cleaning: Spot clean, or place removable cover in wash machine, cold water only.