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Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil- 1560 mg per 1 oz


Creator: Cindi Faucher- Cannabis and natural wellness advocate.

Location: Monroe, CT

Description of product: full-spectrum hemp CBD Oil

Our full-spectrum hemp CBD OIL is the perfect combination of our full-spectrum hemp CBD concentrate oil and organic MCT oil, NOTHING ELSE.They are pre-infused ready to consume.  To consume, simply hold the dosage under your tongue for 30 seconds then swallow.

Dosage info:
A typical sublingual  serving size for most adults is 1/2  mL to 1 mL twice a day but can vary greatly per individual, it may take some time to find your optimal dosage.

1560mg/1 oz: each 1 mL serving contains approximately 52 mg CBD
There are 30 (1 mL servings) per 1 oz bottle.
Ingredients:  Organic MCT oil (coconut derived, medium-chain triglycerides), full-spectrum hemp CBD oil.

About the Creator: I’ve always known I wanted to help people be well.  I graduated college with a BS in nutrition and dietetics and quickly learned that the clinical setting wasn’t for me.  I started to focus on natural wellness and disease prevention at the same time my family started growing cannabis in California.  There was so much research coming out regarding cannabis and disease, it fascinated me.  I made my own body and self-care products using CBD and it wasn’t long before everyone wanted them.  Staying real to my beliefs, I make all the products by hand, using full-spectrum hemp and local and organic ingredients.  I am a small, woman owned, CT based business and proud to know many of my customers personally.