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Gyotaku Fish Prints on Archival Paper


Creator: Reeled Ink, Nicole Salva
Location: Oxford; CT
Product Description :24x36 Atlantic Bluefin Tuna on linen 
  • Gyotaku, sumi ink on linen 
  • Designs are made from actual fish. Ink is directly applied to a fish , paper or linen is laid over it, then pressed with paper to make an accurate rubbing. Process is as unique as the human fingerprint. 
  • Made in the USA.

About the Creator 

As a lifelong artist Nicole Salva combined her passion for the ocean and her desire to create art by embracing and eventually mastering the multi-faceted print making art called Gyotaku. 

Nicole Salva holds a masters degree in fine art and a bachelors degree in illustration.  Nicole has been civically commissioned and has had several art exhibits that have subsequently earned her numerous awards.  Nicole presently teaches art and color theory. Her admiration for the sea and art has been brought together to form what is known as Reeled Ink   For further information visit www.ReeledInk.com