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Susan Winters


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Creator: Susan Winters, Bead Artist and Jewelry maker

Company: Susan Winters Design

Location: Bethel, CT

Product Description:  

The first head Susan made with beads. Her swinging pony tail shows her playful personality

Styrofoam head covered with semi precious stones, glass beads, sequins and extras.

Each bead hand placed to create a unique artwork

About the Creator

Susan is a prolific artist who loves to turn craft into art. Her current passion is beads. After a recent trip to the Jablonec area of the Czech Republic, she came back with a renewed appreciation of beads. Especially those that are handmade in this area renowned for bead and glass making.


Her beaded heads are unique and are studded with semi precious stones, glass beads and vintage pieces. She does not preplan the design... the beads tell her where they want to be placed.


A graduate of the prestigious School of Visual Arts, Susan is a well known graphic designer who also likes to use the mediums of oil paint, fiber art and bead weaving,