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Organic Soaps


Creator:  Rachel Oshrin 

Company: Handmade Soaps by Rachel 

Location: Fairfield, Connecticut 

Product Description: 

All the Soap are gentle on the skin due to the high content of organic ingredients. Using local beeswax, tallow, goat milk and honey reduces the carbon footprint. Plus, they have no artificial fragrances, fillers or dyes.  The Soaps lather well and smells great, with organic essential oils*.

Handmade com amor 💜 in Fairfield, CT

*Goat Milk Soap is fragrance free



About the Creator:

After marketing skincare for 20+ years, Rachel wanted to create her own bath and shower brand focused on transparency, authenticity and quality. Her small batch organic soaps and bath bombs are made without dyes or synthetic fragrances - simply dried foods or clays to create the colors and essential oils to give an aromatherapy benefit to you.