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Handmade Dried Produce Earrings


Artist: Jessica Estrada, Jewelry Maker

Location:  Fairfield,CT


Product description:
Welcome to Unica Frutas, where handmade earrings meet real produce! Fruit is beautiful, delicate, and unique, so why stop at eating them? All of my earrings are handcrafted, made with lots of love & care. Breaking down the name, Unica translates to “only” or “one of a kind” from both Portuguese and Spanish. Cultivating culture and nature, Unica serves to give your look a one of a kind experience.

About the Creator:
Unica started in my college dorm room. I was looking for an afternoon snack, and decided to slice up some fruit as a healthy alternative. As an artist, sometimes you become blessed with a sporadic thought in the most random of times. Aside from Jewelry making, I’m also a graphic designer and photographer.