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Herbal Hair Growth Oil
Herbal Hair Growth Oil
Herbal Hair Growth Oil
Herbal Hair Growth Oil
Herbal Hair Growth Oil
Herbal Hair Growth Oil
Amyra Bernadel

Herbal Hair Growth Oil

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Creator: Amyra Bernadel- Product maker & photographer

Company: AmyrasEssentials

Location: Stratford CT

Product/Ingredient Description:

  •  2oz homemade, organic herbal hair growth oil
  •  Scent: natural herbal scent (Rosemary/peppermint)
  • Reusable glass dropper bottle
  •  Makes a perfect gift for self care lovers, especially ones that have a concern with the lack of hair growth from any reason and area on the scalp. Also it's great for ones starting on their healthy hair growth journey. 

Ingredient details:

  • Avocado oil- doesn’t sit on hair strands or feel greasy and strengthens hair strands, while repairing it from breakage.
  • Black castor oil- Great for hair loss and thicken hair which helps for PH balance from damage.
  • Jojoba oil- Great for hair loss, protects hair follicle and removes sebum that clogs hair growth
  • sunflower oil- Great omega for healthy hair growth
  • Grapeseed oil- Great for hair loss and rebuilds damage hair
  • Cedarwood essential oil- Supports hair growth, anti- bacterial and helps with purifies skin
  • Rosemary essential oil- helps circulation that aids to growth, great at moisturizer and helps prevent graying.
  • Peppermint essential oil- *anti- inflammatory* *anti- fungal* helps with blood circulation of the scalp, helps with itchiness and hair growth booster.

About the Creator:
Amyra Bernadel is a homemade hair care creator, that's Stratford CT based. The creative mind behind all the parts of AmyrasEssentials, with the help of her family and friends.

AmyrasEssentials is where you can find hair care that actually cares! As a natural/someone who loves buying hair care, I always find myself questioning the products I put in my hair and if they are really beneficial. I took the time to create a product where you can actually read the ingredients, understand their benefits. Most importantly see improvement! I want to help everyone in their healthy hair journey and love their hair.