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Jupiter Necklace
Jupiter Necklace
Jupiter Necklace
Bonnie Philips

Jupiter Necklace

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Creator: Bonnie Phillips; Jewelry Designer, Candle Maker, Crafter

Company: byoung handmade

Location: Fairfield, Connecticut 

Product Description: 

  • Handcrafted beaded necklace made by a local artist.
  • 16 ½” long
  • This necklace is simple and elegant when worn on its own, but also looks great when layered with other necklaces.
  • The pendent on this necklace is made from tiny angelite beads.  The chain and findings are sterling silver that I oxidized to give the jewelry a vintage feel.

About the Creator:

Bonnie Phillips was born and raised in Stamford, CT, and decided to settle down here in Fairfield, CT, 8 years ago.

Bonnie has been designing/making jewelry for over 25 years.  While in college, she got a job at a bead store.  After graduating, she moved back home with a degree in Architecture...and immediately got a job at another bead store. The years she spent in those stores gifted her with the knowledge and skills to make/fix almost anything beaded.  

As time passed, Bonnie moved on from her bead store days.  She had other jobs...got married and had children.  She took a long break from designing jewelry.  However, when COVID hit, she was forced to stop working outside the home. She needed to find something to occupy her time, something to bring her joy and something to bring her income!

Making and selling her jewelry again was the obvious choice!

On the other hand, getting into the scented candle business was a happy accident.  Long story short, Bonnie has an addiction to scented candles.  She’d regularly go to home furnishing stores with the goal of acquiring a collection of scented candles. But again, when COVID hit last spring, Bonnie was no longer able to frequent her favorite candle suppliers.  She decided she would learn to make candles to satisfy her addiction.  After months of researching and testing, she managed to learn how to make the most amazing candles! The scent throw is great and the candles burn clean.  She thoughtfully selects fragrances that, like her jewelry, are made with great care and are completely unique.