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Merkaba Star


The Merkaba Star is used for transmuting negative energy to positive vibrations, thus protecting the aura from unwanted energies. Also, aid with grief and help us to overcome bad habits and obsessions. The word Merkaba is composed of three separate words: Mer, which means light, Ka, which means spirit and Ba, which means body. It essentially refers to a way of connecting with light, body, and spirit through the means of this 'vehicle'. Each handcrafted Crystal Merkaba Star is 5x5x5cm approx. Please note that these are handmade and therefore may have some natural imperfections. MERKABA STARS - The meaning of the word “Merkaba” is ancient and it carries great energy of spiritual transformation — a tool for ascension. UNIQUE - The merkaba shape reminds us of the potential power we can wield when we unite our own energies in pursuit of connection & growth.