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Brown Mermaid Under The Moon 30.5” x 15”-j Painting on upcycled wood


Creator: Cathleen “Cat” Simpson

Location: Bridgeport CT

About the creator: Simpson started her journey as a professional artist in 1979 at Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts. While exceeding with her studies, the young Simpson had her sights on law school and turned her focus to employment law  time for over twenty years while yearning to paint, draw and sculpt as more than just a hobby.  Simpson recently has  upcycled herself from attorney to artist believing that our waste deserves a second chance. She transforms waste such as paper, cardboard, wood, glass, plastics, and even mirrors into works of art.  Her art portrays the power of femininity in sensual and compelling ways using waste to create objects that exceed the economic, cultural and social value of the original product.