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NFW watches


NFW has grown to become one of the most respected brands in the watch industry with a fiercely loyal & passionate following - proudly known as “The NFW Family”


- High quality men's watches with badass design & build quality

- Supporting a company that shares your values in what matters

- Giving back to causes you believe do some good in the world

- Not overpaying for excellence


Every NFW watch is a masterpiece of machinery for the wrist. We scrutinize every detail until the functionality, fit, and look are perfect.

We believe quality and integrity are much more important than the “bottom line.” It’s about doing the right thing – and producing the most badass watches on the planet.

Because NFW is a small, founder-led brand that has been built on word-of-mouth, we don't have big ad budgets that get baked into the price. You shouldn't have to spend thousands of dollars on a watch to get outstanding quality.


  • We're proud that leading companies such as Reebok, Spartan Race, and the NFL as well the highest-rated Veteran-support orgs have chosen us as their watch partner.