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Nightmare Ninja - Bedtime Blend - Pillow Spray - 2 oz glass spray bottle


Creator: Sandi Astacio, Certified Aromatherapist  
Company: sanastaWellness
Location: Norwalk, CT
Product Description:

Bedtime anxiety is a real issue.  This blend was created for a wonderful young boy who became anxious at bedtime because he was having nightmares.  The soothing aroma helps to calm nerves and the synergy of the essential oil blend with the Lavender hydrosol help to usher in a sweet sleep.  Let the NIGHTMARE NINJA fight off bad dreams and get yourself a restful sleep.  

The aromatic essential oils of Lavender, Kunzea, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Guava leaf, Rosalina, Juniper berry, Turmeric, Hemlock, and Cornmint are blended into a base of skin soothing Lavender hydrosol and Distilled Water.  Each oil has its own therapeutic, healing properties and is just what’s needed to comfort the mind and body at bedtime.   

A few minutes before settling into bed, shake the bottle well then spritz 2-4 pumps onto pillows and/or linens.

nightmare ninja Bedtime Blend is also available as a topical roller and a diffuser blend!


Paw Wax is purrrrfect for kitty cats! 

About the creators: 
sanastaWellness provides therapeutic aromatics for mind, body, and soul. With a special focus on the chemical components of plants, sananstaWellness aims to provide care using the medicinal properties of the natural world. Organic herbs and essential oils are blended with mindful intention by a certified aromatherapist to address emotional, physical, and energetic needs. We also offer consultations and work closely with clients to establish custom, therapeutic blends that can address various wellness necessities. Our aromatherapy blends can be used topically or by aerial diffusion.