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Octopus painting - By Teresa Rainieri

$600.00 $750.00

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Creator:  Teresa Rainieri, Painter and Printmaker, 

Company: Teresa Rainieri Designs 

Location: Fairfield, Connecticut on Pequonnock, Paugussett and Wappinger Land

Product Description:
  • 30” x 40”

About the Creator:

Teresa Rainieri reduces the color and glamour of iconic objects and people to reveal their core through a stark contrast of shadows and lines. Her artwork reminds us that underneath the layers there is a beauty to be found that is both simplistic and bold.  Teresa Rainieri is an artist with a degree in fine art, focusing on contemporary and modern art.  She  started her business because she enjoys connecting clients to subjects that they love through creative and expressive painting. Aside from commissioned jobs, she also enjoy pop up shops where she gets to meet people and hear new creative suggestions. 

Fairfield County Lifestyle said, "This amazing single mom is hardworking and does it all to strike a balance between her family life and work life.  Teresa has used her background in Fine Arts combined with her hobby and talents to create this successful business to take care of her boys.  She has an incredible work ethic and is an inspiration!" 

Her art has been featured inside of @fairfieldmagazine three times in 2019. And for two years in a row, my line of glassware has made it to the top of the 'favorite gifts to give list' within the town of Fairfield.