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Original Art Work by Rene Soto


Creator: Rene Soto
Location: South Norwalk; CT
About the Creator 

Rene Soto was born on September 1, 1986, in La Libertad Peten, Guatemala. In November 2011, Rene left Guatemala, to pursue a career as an artist, having worked as a Physical Education instructor up to that point. Since his arrival to the United States, Rene has been making art that reflects the life he left behind and also shows the richness that the Latin community brings to the United States, trough art, music, poetry, culinary art etc.
He also draws inspiration from universal truths and commonalities that cannot be communicated in any other way than through his paintings.

He loves to travel and have been living in other places to work in art projects like Nashville Tennessee, Miami Florida, Los Angeles CA.
Currently, Rene Soto lives in Norwalk CT where he has established himself as a practicing professional artist, arts educator, and manager of Rene Soto Gallery in Norwalk that closed at the pandemic.
Acrylic on canvas his favorite medium.
But also he works with oils, collages, painting with your hands and body painting.

Additionally, Rene created the citywide project, “Guatemala Everywhere,” which opened the door for other artists from Guatemala to exhibit their art throughout Stamford. Supporting his community is near and dear to his heart. He is an active volunteer and donor of local nonprofit organizations, including Stamford Senior Center, The Ronald McDonald House, Caring with Grace, Domestic Violence Center of Stamford, also teach at Stamford Senior Center, Water Stone on High Ridge, Darien Senior Center, STAR a nonprofit organization people with disabilities trough zoom and in person classes.