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Original Artwork by Jessie Hughes


Creator: Jessie Hughes

Company: www.agirlcalled672.com

Location: Redding, Connecticut

About The Creator:

Jessica Hughes is a local artist living and working in Connecticut. She teaches art at a local special-needs high school and writes and makes her own art on the side. Her inspiration for her mixed media abstract artworks came from working weird hours and late nights in New York City, where she had very little time to herself. As a result, she would work for a few minutes at night making quick paintings until she developed what she called her Sacred Minutes series.

The two pieces you see here were made during a one day residency at River Arts in Morrisville, Vermont where Jessica was invited to work large for a three person show. In addition to painting, Jessica is also an author who has had a small handful of independent publications. 

You can view more of her work on her website at www.agirlcalled672.com, and you can also follow her on Instagram @agirlcalled672.