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Original Photos by Chris Brace


Creator: Chris Brace 
Location: East Norwalk; CT
About the Creator 
I have had a camera in my hands since the time I understood what it did. Born and raised in New York and currently residing in Connecticut, I seek out the ‘unusual’ of today and the past. The mission of my photography is to capture the nostalgia of advertising from an era gone by, and conversely the present temporary scenes of color and collaboration in NYC and elsewhere.
The existence of wall ads from the past and the stories they tell are fading away. These ghost or fading wall ads are slowly decaying from the elements of time. Some are revealed when an adjacent structure is torn down only to be covered by a new structure. It’s always exciting for me to find these. I say, “I remember that!” or “they sold hay in Harlem?” I’m driven by the fact that they are disappearing forever.
Presently, the ever changing facades along NYC streets with contributions of many, make for breathtaking but short lived displays of color and texture.
Seeking them out, I photograph them to capture and preserve their existence.  I have always had a passion for photography and have mainly focused on documenting these moments of the present and of the past before they disappear forever. I hope my photography evokes a feeling of nostalgia in all.
Christopher S Brace
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