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Out of the Blue: Recycled Plastic Large Lunch Tote


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A clean earth matters. We believe that a more responsible lifestyle benefits everyone and everything, from our neighbors and friends to the planet and its resources. All we need are the right tools. Introducing the newest collection - Out of the Blue, recycled and reusable products that replace single use plastic items. - Eliminates the need for single-use bags - Our ocean inspired designs repurpose plastic-waste to create a durable, recycled fabric, certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) - Recycled plastic helps to divert plastic from landfills - Out of the Blue collection features ocean inspired designs - Waves and Whale - 12.60" x 12.99" x 5.71"| 32cm x 33cm x 14.5cm Material: GRS Certified Recycled PET & Cotton Twill Handles Made of recycled plastic bottles, your purchase helps divert plastic waste from landfills.