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Paw wax - all natural and organic


Creator: Sandi Astacio, Certified Aromatherapist  
Company: sanastaWellness
Location: Norwalk, CT
Product Description:


Why Paw Wax?  Our furry companions deserve healthy skin, especially on their hard-working paw pads.

  • nourishing skincare for dry or sensitive paw pads
  • a layer of protection against outdoor germies (salt, harsh chemicals, etc.)
  • all natural, organic ingredients
  • mini-massage time for paws

All ya gotta do is rub a small amount onto paw pads before and after outdoor ventures or whenever a little skin TLC is needed.  Each tin canister includes two paws and one bone on an additional layer of paw wax. Once it’s all gone repurpose the tin for pet treats, as a noisy toy or there’s plenty of items humans can use it for.

  • Keep in mind: hardwood floors can be slippery after application
  • Try applying to paw pads when your furbaby has settled in for naptime


  • Local CT beeswax
  • Organic Coconut oil
  • Organic Avocado oil
  • Organic solar-infused Calendula oil (and a few petals)

Paw Wax is purrrrfect for kitty cats! 

About the creators: 
sanastaWellness provides therapeutic aromatics for mind, body, and soul. With a special focus on the chemical components of plants, sananstaWellness aims to provide care using the medicinal properties of the natural world. Organic herbs and essential oils are blended with mindful intention by a certified aromatherapist to address emotional, physical, and energetic needs. We also offer consultations and work closely with clients to establish custom, therapeutic blends that can address various wellness necessities. Our aromatherapy blends can be used topically or by aerial diffusion.