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RBG portrait handmade from upcycled license plates


Creator:  Stephen Goldstein

Company: Stephen Goldstein Art

Location: Fairfield, Connecticut 

Product Description

Handmade art made using vintage upcycled license plates.  
43” x 30.5” ready to be hung
Each piece is unique, created by Stephen Goldstein

About the Creator:

Born in Brooklyn, NY and now based in Fairfield, CT, mixed media artist Stephen Goldstein is known for using old license plates and bright colors in his works. Stephen celebrates pop culture, feminism, and the issues we face in today’s complex world in his works.

Goldstein’s art has been exhibited locally in Fairfield County, CT.

A self-taught artist growing up in New Jersey, Goldstein first began making sculptures as a child with found objects. Inspired when living in New York City, Stephen started using used license plates purchased off of ebay to create US maps. His work evolved into sculptures of people made out of license plates, his own two children his first subjects. Today Goldstein’s upcycled work includes using license plates, guitar picks, tin roofing, old car parts, bottle caps, and beer cans. Still using “found objects” with relevance to each piece of art.

The cuts on Goldstein’s hands are a constant reminder of his work. Goldstein’s process involves constructing and deconstructing each piece several times during creation, taking photographs along the way so he can remember how to put it all back together again.