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Woodland Shadow Puppets


For millennia, people have gathered at the end of the day to tell tales of legend and adventure. Here in the mountains of Vermont, where the winter nights are long, shadow puppets bring our family together to create our own folklore. With each passing year, our children and their tales grow taller, and we delight in the increasingly complex stories that arise from little more than shadows and light.

The WOODLAND set is laser cut out of 1/4" birch plywood and have eight friends; a bear, owl, hedgehog, fox, squirrel, raccoon, rabbit, and a deer. It also includes three sets of freestanding trees. They come tucked into a hand printed muslin bag, with tags and directions included.

Ideal for storytellers of all ages, these themed shadow puppet collections will build storytelling skills and bring young imaginations to life.

Hand designed and made with love in the Green Mountain State.


  • Handmade Materials: natural, wood, birch, muslin