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Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper


The ancient ayurvedic practice of Jihwa Prakshalana or tongue scraping is recommended every morning before brushing your teeth. Our stainless steel tongue scraper is naturally hygienic and incredibly durable. Great for those with copper sensitivity. It's a sustainable way to keep your tongue and mouth in optimal health. Why We Love This Product: ● 5% of sales go towards Ocean Conservation ● Durable stainless steel construction ● Adjustable handles ● Bonus - Includes a reusable muslin travel bag ● Recyclable & compostable packaging printed with soy ink. Hang tag. UPC. Benefits of Tongue Scraping: ● Tongue scraping has been proven to prevent bad breath by reducing bacteria in the mouth. ● Removes bacteria ● Freshens breath ● Improves taste Instructions: Open mouth and place tongue scraper on the back of the tongue. Apply gentle pressure and pull the scraper forward. Repeat 3-4 times. Rinse the scraper and let dry.