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Stone Paper Double Sided Gift Wrap
Stone Paper Double Sided Gift Wrap

Stone Paper Double Sided Gift Wrap

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Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper by FOLKUS, based in Brooklyn. 

FOLKUS is inspired by the BLACK aesthetic and experience. Let us celebrate, cope and connect through the prism of BLACKNESS!

The stone paper is made from calcium carbonate bonded with high-density polyethylene ( HDPE ).  The production process does not use wood pulp at all, does not use a drop of water, does not discharge waste water, waste gas, waste residue. Stone paper is Eco-friendly, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-bacteria, resistance to tear, recyclable. 

Comparisons have been made between Stone Paper products and traditional paper for applications like book printing in Europe. If Stone Paper products were to replace coated and uncoated graphic printing stock in Europe, it could potentially reduce the according CO2 generation by 62%, water consumption by 99.2%, and wood usage by 100%. These results depend however on the type of Calcium Carbonate used for Stone Paper products and the source of the HDPE. The ratio of oil required to make virgin HDPE for Stone Paper products are such that large scale replacement of traditional paper could save 46% of oil consumption from the current European graphic paper supply with virgin and recycled components.[5

Size: 30 Square Feet 

Ideas and uses include:

  • Table runner
  • Drawer liner
  • Framed art
  • Ornament 
  • Wall covering
  • Frame mat
  • Tray liner
  • Book cover