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Upcycled Leather earrings


Artist: Brooke Lalumiere, Jewelry maker

Company: Pink Moon by Brooke

Location: Fairfield, CT

Product Description: 

Inspired by nature's color palette, all Pink Moon designs are made with upcycled materials such as scrap leather or re-purposed suede. Each pair is designed, cut and painted by me, Brooke. As such, each pair carries subtle differences and is unique in its own way. The selection is constantly evolving with the change of seasons, materials, and as I stumble across new sources of inspiration. Follow along @thepinkmoonbybrooke to see my latest offerings.

About the Creator: 

I’ve always made jewelry as a creative outlet and given them out as gifts. Four years ago I started working with leather & my sisters convinced me to give it a name and start a business. Pink Moon by Brooke was born, & coincidently we had a trip planned out West that’s summer. I picked up a bag of leather scraps from a leather maker in Colorado and couldn’t wait to get home and start cutting into it.  Travel has definitely influenced my collections. I am a total nature geek and am constantly soaking up color inspiration.