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Avalon Cork Bracelet


Highlights Cruelty Free, Vegan Product (Peta-Approved). High Quality Cork. Sustainably sourced cork from the Algarve (Portugal). Extracted without hurting the tree and regenerates over time. Sustainable agroforestry. Family-Owned Small Business: Minority/Female Owned. Eight Female employees. Based in the Midwest (USA). Waterproof: Cork is practically impermeable to liquids and gases. Comfortable & Durable: Soft, compressible, elastic, flexible material. Social Impact: A portion of proceeds will go to Best Buddies International, and our local School. Details A refined cork cord bracelet featuring a pearl bead. Materials Cork Cord & Ceramic Bead (Sourced from Portugal). Size Length is Adjustable: From 15 cm-19 cm (5.9 โ€“ 7.4 inches). Note When buying cork products be aware that natural occurring differences occur. This includes but is not limited to, color variation, uneven surface, โ€œburntโ€ like marks, and minor natural occurring gaps.