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Avalon Cork Bracelet


Highlights Cruelty Free, Vegan Product (Peta-Approved). High Quality Cork. Sustainably sourced cork from the Algarve (Portugal). Extracted without hurting the tree and regenerates over time. Sustainable agroforestry. Family-Owned Small Business: Minority/Female Owned. Eight Female employees. Based in the Midwest (USA). Waterproof: Cork is practically impermeable to liquids and gases. Comfortable & Durable: Soft, compressible, elastic, flexible material. Social Impact: A portion of proceeds will go to Best Buddies International, and our local School. Details A refined cork cord bracelet featuring a pearl bead. Materials Cork Cord & Ceramic Bead (Sourced from Portugal). Size Length is Adjustable: From 15 cm-19 cm (5.9 – 7.4 inches). Note When buying cork products be aware that natural occurring differences occur. This includes but is not limited to, color variation, uneven surface, “burnt” like marks, and minor natural occurring gaps.