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The Eco Dude’s Story

I'm Brad Kerner.  
Some people call me The Eco Dude. 
You can follow me on Instagram @The.Eco.Dude
As a kid (New York, Born '76), I was obsessed with recycling.
As a pre-teen, (Cleveland, ’85) I would help my grandmother sell antiques at summer flea markets.
As a high school student (New York, '90), I was enraged by Styrofoam and started a recycling program.
As a college student (Michigan, '94), I learned to love soy.
As a Willing Worker On Organic Farms (Australia, 97'), the magic of sustainable living came to life.
As a Peace Corps Volunteer (Gabon, '98), I was introduced to low waste living by necessity (no running water).
As a health educator (Harlem, '01), I was pissed to see how racial injustice, intertwined with environmental injustice, played out on people's lives.
As a humanitarian worker (25+ countries, '05 -'21), I celebrated my love for humanity and passion for progress.
As a low waste blogger (Connecticut, '20), I realized that progress is better than perfection.
During Corona lockdown 2020, I was inspired by everyday people making small steps to be less wasteful, again driven by a necessity to stay home and reflect.
 Throw all this together and Eco Evolution was born.