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Bamboo Toilet Bowl Cleaner Brush and Stand


Did you know that even your toilet cleaning routine can be sustainable!? Swap out the plastic toilet bowl cleaner for one made of 100% bamboo. Our durable, high quality bamboo paired with the slight grooves on the handle make it sturdy and easy to use. When you're done cleaning, place it back on the stand for proper aeration. ~~~ What's Included: One toilet bowl cleaner, stand and ceramic bowl ~~~ Materials: Bamboo, sisal and ceramic ~~~ Care: To sanitize, boil bristles in hot water for 1 minute and let air dry ~~~ Dimensions: 14.5” Tall 5” Wide 5” High Weight: 17.6oz ~~~ Environmental Impact: Millions of plastic toilet brushes are thrown out yearly. With just one simple switch you are eliminating millions of pounds of plastic waste from our environment without sacrificing the same experience. Our Bamboo Toilet Brushes get the job done better without leaving behind plastic for years to come. ~~~ ***WE ALWAYS SHIP PLASTIC FREE***