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Mehndi Dangle Earrings


Creator:  Tina Steele, Metalsmith and Designer

Company: Rhubarb Handcrafted Jewelry, LLC

Location: Fairfield, Connecticut 

Product Description:

Recycled brass, gold-filled earwire
2 3/8” long, 1 1/2” wide
Satin finish, textured, lightweight long earring
Created by Tina Steele

About the Creator:

Welcome to Rhubarb Handcrafted Jewelry by Tina Steele

All my life I’ve been a maker, creator, and explorer, in my own quiet way.  This life of creating led me to the Silvermine School of Art, which is where I fell in love with and studied the art of metalsmithing.

No mass production here; only one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry made by my two hands in my Fairfield studio.  Each piece is mindfully fabricated with intention, heart, and the utmost attention to detail.  Rhubarb Jewelry is wearable every day and complements your own beauty and sense of style.  

The production of jewelry often involves harsh chemicals which are harmful to the maker and to the planet. In 2020, guided by the ECO Jewelry Handbook, by Christine Dhein, I converted my studio into an eco-conscious environment. Natural products replace toxic chemicals, and metals come from recycled or reclaimed sources, and stones are ethically-sourced or lab-created.

My eco-friendly jewelry-making processes might mean that things take a bit more time, but that’s fine by me as I consider the act of creating part of my daily meditation.  I hope my jewelry can serve as a reminder to the wearer to pause, breathe, connect, and appreciate the earth and its inhabitants.