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Floral Cuff Bracelet


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Add a touch of elegance to any outfit with the wide cuff Floral Cut Bracelet. A timeless and sophisticated look featuring a floral design embossed and cut out, with carefully folded edges for comfort with a smooth finish. This gorgeous golden bracelet adds a touch of warmth and luxury. Ethically handcrafted by artisans with Asha Handicrafts Association. Sanskrit for hope, Asha is a nonprofit that provides opportunities for makers in and around Mumbai, including educational assistance for children, medical checkups and treatment, a health center at Saharanpur, savings programs for artisans and their spouses, and relief‒related social projects. Materials: Brass - Measures: 3"W at widest point and tapers to 1.6" at opening. Bracelet is 6.7" from end to end. - Handcrafted in India