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In Wash Scent Boosters - Wood Haven


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Elevate your laundry and self-care care routine with our plant-based in-wash scent boosters. The perfect compliment to our best selling laundry detergent sheets. Our Wood Haven signature scent offers a sophisticated aroma of cardamom, frankincense and carrot oils. Thoughtfully designed for both you and the planet, our formulation is non-toxic, chemical-free and contained in 100% recyclable packaging. How-To-Use: Using the bottle cap’s measurement levels, simply toss the beads into your washing machine along with your clothes and our Kind Laundry detergent sheets. Our In-Wash Scented Boosters are biodegradable and water solution and will dissolve completely during the wash cycle. Suitable for use in all water temperatures in both traditional and high-efficiency (HE) machines.