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Natural, Biodegradable Laundry Detergent Strips - Fragrance Free


Each strip is made with 4 simple ingredients and still packs strong cleaning power. Simply add the number of strips you need depending on the size of your load and you're ready to clean. No bulky plastic bottles that inevitably end up in the landfill and no harmful ingredients. They're perfect for travel, or just saving space in your laundry room.

  • 100% recyclable package
  • Thin, biodegradable laundry sheets
  • Natural, plant derived ingredients
  • Only 4 Ingredients
  • Free of starch, chemicals, dyes, parabens, phosphates, and all unnecessary toxic ingredients

Throw in the desired amount of sheets and experience a super clean, soft and fresh load of laundry. Mess-free, every time. Each pack includes 60 strips.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil Alcohol, Coconut Oil Extract, PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol), Deionized Water

60 sheets - Fragrance Free by Kind Laundry