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Original Art Work by Isadoragacel


Creator: Isadora Gacel
Location: South Norwalk; CT
About the Creator 

My early work focused on immigration, and was rendered in the forms of stamps.  In this series I explored the irony that a one-cent stamp has more freedom and flexibility to travel across borders than a person.  As my own immigration case grew more complex due to political and bureaucratic pitfalls, I utilized my art to shed light on the plight of immigrants in order to affect positive change.  My alien number became my signature, and visa numbers, lawyer names; form data and expiration dates were incorporated into my images. 

Recently, I began to expand my oeuvre to pay reverence to fallen heroes through portraiture.  I often find myself focusing on icons and also have begun to direct my attention to portraits of individuals who have passed away, both children and adults in an attempt to create pieces that capture their essence and the important highlights of their lives.  In this body of work, the imagery is self-consciously comprised of, and yet obscured by, a foundation of geometric patterns.  I employ this tool to contrast the rigorous perfection of order against the unrestrained freedom and spirit of childhood.