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Sailor Knot 999 Silver Rings (Turks Head)

$50.00 $105.00

Creator: Johny “Dred” Meceli

Location: Weston, CT

About The Creator: A multi-instrumentalist/multi-genre singer/songwriter/silver jewelry maker “DUDE” who grew up in Stamford moving to Sono Seaport area at 15 where he began his musical life. He played extensively throughout the northeast during 80’s-90’s. Upon moving to Key West Florida in ‘97, he ran a hammock shop on Key West’s historic seaport & began making silver handmade jewelry, taught by a few of the many talented artists who call Key West home. During this time he also worked with Jimmy Buffett’s crew doing everything from painting his studio - “Shrimpboat Sound”, and a stage hand/studio production assistant. Back in CT the past few years, he’s very happy to have found Eco Evolution & excited to becoming friends with the crew! U can check him on YouTube if you like - https://www.youtube.com/@Johnmecelimusic