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Selenite Heart Shaped Tealight Holder

$15.00 $28.00

Selenite is white and translucent and with beautiful striations, it looks almost like a silky pearl. It represents spiritual purity, by connecting it to Crown Chakra, we can wash away impurities of the mind. Great decor for your home and table setting. It can be placed in the living room or dinner table to create a different visual effect. It ensures a peaceful environment when stones are placed around the home and it is an excellent stone for meditation and yoga. Tealight candle holders can also be used for weddings, family parties, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving Day. The soft light can make the crystal more resplendent and brilliant, adding just the perfect atmosphere of nature and healing to any space. It is a great gift for crystal lovers.

PURIFICATION FOR YOUR MEDITATION PLACE - Use our tealight to create positive energy if you find yourself in a tense or negative mood.

Size:Β 10x10x3cm