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Sumo Porcelain Matte Finish Mug Cup With Infuser 15oz


This sophisticated Sumo Porcelain Tea Mug is both heavy and thick-walled, making sure your tea stays at its ideal temperature for an extended period. Its infuser is straightforward to fill and clean, serving as a perfect fit in the mug. Plus, the included lid helps optimize the brewing process and even works as a coaster for the strainer. The ultra-fine infuser is also suitable for other tea cups and teapots. Enjoy stress-free tea with the Sumo Porcelain Tea Mug, with its practical design. Features: - Microwave and dishwasher safe (except metal infuser) - Temperature-resistant up to 120C/240F - High-fired porcelain, matte finish - Removable stainless steel infuser - Porcelain lid that can also be used as a coaster for the infuser - Capacity: 15oz / 450ml